Friday, December 20, 2013

✦ Active Culture Family ✦

1. a community of beneficial intestinal bacteria that work cooperatively to produce systemic wellness.
2. jewelry, art,  and limited edition collaborations by Erin Rivera Merriman and friends.  
Erin Rivera Merriman aka~ Bearhead Factory and now ACTIVE CULTURE FAMILY has brought together a beautiful little tribe for her first series of collaborations.  Honored to be part of the magic alongside a heart full of other artists including Three Arrows Leather, Ghost Dancer, All Roads Market, Penabranca and Jetter Green. The show is now hanging in San Diego at The Platform.  You can also visit the website for full images and interviews.  

Erin Rivera Merriman with cotton and wool. 

All Roads Market with cotton, silk , brass and leather textile

Ghost Dancer with cotton, silk and wool fibers

Three Arrows Leather with leather and gold trade beads

Daughter of the Sun with brain tanned buckskin, vintage guatemalan weaving and seed beads


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Magnificent weavings. Beginning this past summer I learned some basic weaving skills and have produced a hallway with nearly a dozen pieces hanging. Your work inspires me to continue to reach out and expand my parameters and materials too.

thank you for this wonderful post.


magni gallo said...

happy new year!

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