Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spirit Weavers Artwork~ by Karolina Daria Flora

I have posted on here before about my dear sis, Karolina Daria.  She is one of my favorite humans on the planet and she inspires me to no end.  I wanted her to be a part of this years gathering but knew it may not be possible as she most likely would be in Iceland hanging with glaciers and gnomes. I knew her art would be perfect for the gathering.  She puts so much love and intention into the pieces she makes i only imagined something truly magical coming from her hands.  Below are the images she shared of her finished pieces.  In the digital age, much is lost behind and image.  Karolina hand wove each and every piece for the image by hand using the ancient Huichol style of string art.  These were not collaged on but instead woven with love and light for the sisterhood.  Thank you Karolina, you are truly a gem and a light worker beyond! 

 "Preparing that image had been an honor and a great adventure for me to explore a technique used by the amazing Huichol people of Mexico- painting with threads, yet another way of trespassing the rigid rules of linear time, mastering patience and being completely in the here and now.
It's been a beautiful time for me to devote many winter evenings to creation of this piece, with which I want to send my love and bless each person that next week will be weaving magic with Amy and all the wonderful teachers, the Desert, the Sun and the Moon." Karolina Daria Flora


DaughteroftheRedwoods said...

Beautiful and a stunning work of LOVE from this sistar. I am drawn to the photogtaph of number 5 as it is all of her and the art she created. What a true blessing!
Pati ~ DaughteroftheRedwoods

Yasmeen Elsayed said...
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amrita khandelwal said...

A real sign and example of the art and spiritual workshops woven with love and true creativity with high spiritual thinking. Hats off to you two sisters. It had been a great piece of inspirational artwork for me..